Double Tap Training Grounds is a multi-faceted training facility that offers training opportunities for all.  Prepared citizens, law enforcement officers, casual shooters --- all will find a facility that can support basic to advanced level training and recreation. Our two story tactical house is designed for practical and tactical training with regards to interior tactical issues. The tactical house can be configured as a residence, hotel, office suite or apartment. A camera system is available to record training for immediate feedback and learning opportunities. We offer two classrooms and a defensive tactics training area. Our two outdoor shooting ranges can be configured for various weapon types and distances. There is a wide array of range equipment and features that can be used to enhance your range time. We offer overnight lodging in the Double Tap Bunkhouse for traveling students. We conduct open range sessions and hose courses taught by professional instructors. We are a family owned business that is flexible and ready to work with you for family or corporate events, private training, agency training or the enjoyment of spending a couple of hours at the range.